Big Blue #6

Big Blue #6
AUD $94.00
  • Location: Kingston, ACT
Big Blue #6

Kiln Type: Van Turl Enigma Glass Tile Kiln [bell kiln with crane lift assist TECH REQUIRED TO OPEN/CLOSE KILN ONLY]

  • Interior Dimensions: 500mm h x 1250mm d x 2400mm w
  • Thermocouple Location: K-type, right wall near the back at center height
  • Element Location and Control: Top only
  • Suggested Use: Fusing and slumping
  • Controller Type: EMC 883
  • Max Temperature: 950°C
  • Standard Shelf Size: 120mmd x 2230 mm d x 40mm h extruded mullite with 4 seams
  • Safety Switches: Yes

Special Instructions:

  • Crane lifted bell kiln can be rolled away for loading