Small Paragon #2

Small Paragon #2
AUD $22.00
  • Location: Kingston, ACT
Small Paragon #2

Kiln Type: GL24AD [front loaders with right side hinged door]

  • Interior Dimensions: 380mm h x 580mm d x 610mm w
  • Thermocouple Location: K type, Right side, 235mm from the floor, center depth
  • Element Location and Control: All walls, door and roof. Walls and door power output controlled by one rheostat; Roof controlled by separate rheostat.
  • Suggested Use: Fusing and slumping
  • Controller Type: Sentry 2.0
  • Max Temperature: 1093°C
  • Standard Shelf Size: 500mm w x 500mm d x 12mm h single piece of mullite
  • Safety Switches: Door safety switch