Small Glory Hole #1 - 3 hour

Small Glory Hole #1 - 3 hour
AUD $191.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Kingston, ACT

This session includes the following: 


  • 15kg standard session glass - We melt Gaffer batch in our 450kg tank furnace (clear glass) glory hole with rolling yolk (interior opening 40cm x 82cm d)


  • Half an annealer and an overnight annealing cycle. 

#1 and #3 (Interior dimensions:
70cm d x 40cm h x 130cm w)

#2 and #4 (Interior dimensions:

70cm d x 60cm h x 130cm w)

Available with 4 slot and 2 slot shelf options.


  • 1 x small premix oxy/gas crack off torch
  • Mapp gas torch
  • Exact Hand Torch AKA fluffy torch, natural gas torch


  • 8cm - 25cm Round Italian style block
  • #6 - #20 block head blocks


  • Paddles (large and small)
  • Pastoralli forks
  • Pastoralli plus large-scale trolley attachment
  • Large range of blowing hand tools
  • Various optic moulds
  • Marver
  • Various ferros
  • Bench
  • Fans
  • Compressed air and hoses

Our materials room sells:

A small amount of Gaffer colour bar, frits and grains.