Spring Tiles

From AUD $30.00
  • Duration: 30 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Kingston, ACT
  • Product code: P1KQKQ

Arrange small pieces of glass to create and fuse your very own spring themed tile.
With the help of an experienced artist, learn how to cut coloured glass and arrange it to complete your design. 

Cost includes all the materials you will need.

Age: 8+ independently or 5-8 with parent/guardian supervision and assistance at all

Collection (annealing etc): Brooches will need to go into a kiln to melt and anneal for at least 48 hours after classes finish.

Item's will be available for collection 72 hours after class ends. Please refer to Canberra Glassworks opening times.



In agreeing to attend this activity you are declaring that you are currently feeling well and have not experienced symptoms of a flu in
the last 14 days. You are declaring that you have not been in contact with any persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 during the last 14 days. If you become unwell in the time leading up to the activity, please notify Canberra Glassworks on 02 6260 7005 or email education@canberraglassworks.com


Please be aware that during this activity, you will be in close proximity to other people and some equipment will be shared among attendees. Canberra Glassworks maintains rigorous cleaning and sanitation practices to ensure that all equipment is carefully attended to. Wherever possible, we ask that you practice social distancing during the duration of the activity.