Annealer #10 - per hour

Annealer #10 - per hour
AUD $1.35
  • Location: Kingston, ACT
Annealer #10 is bookable for custom annealing sessions by the hour for a minimum 24hours and a maximum of 5 days.

Please be considerate of other people using the annealer and keep your bookings within the standard half day and overnight timeframes. This means removing your work from the annealer for Hotshop sessions that commence at 8am and 12.30pm, Wednesday to Sunday. 

Your booking should include the time from which you turn on the annealer to the time that you remove your work from the annealer. 

Interior dimensions: 133cm w x 71cm d x 85cm h

Annealer type: Front loader

Suggested Use: Annealing

Controller Type: EMC 880

Max Temperature: This kiln not to exceed 650 degrees C

Kiln Shelves: A variety of different shelves and racks are available for this annealer