Covid Access Session

Covid Access Session
AUD $0.00
  • Location: Kingston, ACT
Booking this session allows you to be in the building, granting you a spot our of 25 at one time.


  • You must book an access slot to be in the building.
  • You must sign in using QR code
  • You will be directed to bathrooms with signage inside the building. THIS MUST BE FOLLOWED.
  • You must sign the waiver
  • You must wear a mask
  • You must undertake the wipe down and sign the checklist


If you are booking a session to be in the hot shop, there are additional requirements for blowers:

  • Enter and exit via the front glass doors ONLY
  • Wear masks
  • Supply their own PPE including safety glasses and leather gloves for inside Kevlar gloves
  • Assistants must use their own tools and not use the blower’s tools
  • Follow the wipe down checklist and sign that it’s complete
  • Social distance whenever possible
  • Communicate with each other about risks and concerns
  • Only use the foyer bathrooms
  • Eat their lunch outside with no access to Red Room or Engine Room bathrooms (short term)
  • CGW has supplied cleaning and disinfectant as well as individual mouth pieces and sterilising equipment for your use
  • CGW team will empty glass bins over this period so you don’t need to access the back corridor