Gallery Floor Talk - Net Worth

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  • Duration: 60 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Kingston, ACT

This Gallery Floor Talk will be led by ACT based artists, Louis Grant and Madisyn Zabel


Join us as we learn about the experimentation, ideas and creations behind our current exhibition in this artist led discussion at Canberra Glassworks.

This gallery floor talk will be held in the Canberra Glassworks foyer and will be an opportunity to engage with the glass community. Everyone is welcome and there are absolutely no silly questions. We are all here to learn. 


Net Worth

Louis Grant, Jessica Murtagh, Madisyn Zabel, Shirley Jianzhen Wu

Net Worth showcases four emerging artists working in glass: Louis Grant, Jessica Murtagh and Madisyn Zabel, Shirley Jianzhen Wu. This exhibition provides a platform for these artists to explore concepts of identity, societal stereotypes, and technology overlayed with history and craftsmanship engrained in glass making. Each provides a unique commentary on today’s expectations of self-worth, perceived worth and financial worth, and how evolving values may guide our future.

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Showing at Canberra Glassworks
12 January to 26 February 2023