Medium Glory Hole - 4 hour

Medium Glory Hole - 4 hour
AUD $281.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Kingston, ACT

Medium Glory Hole - 4 hour 

This session includes the following: 


15kg standard session glass - We melt Gaffer batch, mixed by Artisand in our 450kg tank furnace (clear glass)

Medium Glory holes with rolling yolk

Medium (interior opening 46cm x 102cm d)

Pick up boxes

2 x Woodrows (moveable): 40cm d x 50cm x 50cm

1 x small pick up box with colour racks: 20cm deep x 28cm wide x 15cm high


Half an annealer and one overnight annealing cycle on one of the following annealers:

#1 and #3 (Interior dimensions: 70cm d x 40cm h x 130cm w)

#2 and #4 (Interior dimensions: 70cm d x 60cm h x 130cm w)

Available with 4 slot and 2 slot shelf options


1 x small premix oxy/gas crack off torch

Mapp gas torches

Exact Hand Torch AKA fluffy torch, natural gas torch


8cm - 25cm Round Italian style block

#6 - #20 block head blocks


Paddles (large and small)

2 x Pastoralli forks

Pastoralli plus large-scale trolley attachment

Large range of blowing hand tools

Various optic moulds


Various ferros



Compressed air and hoses

*Weekend sessions for the medium gloryhole are booked for public Make your Own Sessions. If you wish to book the medium on the weekend please contact the Artistic Programs coordinator, 

Our materials room sells:

A small amount of Gaffer colour bar, frits and grains.